Catchments and Lakes

Catchments are areas of land and water that have been formed over time by natural geological events. They are like smaller watersheds within a larger one, and are useful in examining natural connections for greater ecological appreciation and understanding. All the precipitation that falls on the land in a catchment drains to the same basin such as a lake, river or stream. These catchments eventually drain into the Bonnechere River, the main basin in the watershed.

"Lakes" in the context of the RiverWatch project are the lakes that are part of the Bonnechere River such as Round, Golden and Wilber.

RiverWatch has provided some baseline water quality data for various streams draining the catchments or flowing directly into the Bonnechere River. RiverWatch has also provided a monitoring protocol for those interested in contributing to the database. (refer to monitoring protocol).

BRWP will provide support for individuals and groups interested in stewardship activities and environmental monitoring in their catchment area or lake. Every contribution is important for establishing a stronger baseline of information that allows for water quality to be determined, monitored and managed over time.

RiverWatch participants:

Lake Clear - Hurds Creek catchment

Round Lake

Golden Lake