Update on the Future Scenarios

Post date: Jan 4, 2011 11:12:16 PM

Originally posted November 2, 2010

As has been mentioned in previous blogs, the BRWP is undertaking a community engagement series (in collaboration with Carleton University) related to possible futures of the Bonnechere River Watershed. Discussions have occurred with watershed residents from various age groups

and livelihoods, each with their own values and concerns about the watershed. From these discussions, story lines were created which depict how choices that are made now can affect the watershed from now to 2050. These scenarios are not meant to be predictions, but rather stories intended to explore potential future changes in the watershed under different sets of driving forces and to inspire and motivate watershed residents to sustain the Bonnechere River Valley that we know and love.

So what's next? Local artist, Jerome Coulas, has accepted the challenge to depict these stories into the future using a medium of which he is most familiar, painting. Follow Jerome's artistic process by checking out his blog. To learn more about Jerome's work, visit his website. To read about recent engagements in the future scenario series, click here.