Freshwater Partners Renfrew County

Freshwater Partners Renfrew County is a partnership of organizations interested in freshwater and watersheds in Renfrew County, supported by funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

This new partnership will bring multiple organizations, stakeholders and community members together to achieve greater collective impact on freshwater issues, stewardship and watershed planning in the County of Renfrew.

Go to the Freshwater Partners Renfrew County website.

The partnership includes these organizations:

Bonnechere River Watershed Project

Ottawa River Institute

Algonquin College

Renfrew County Water Quality Leadership Group

Ottawa Valley Tourist Association

Muskrat Watershed Council

Ottawa Riverkeeper

Watersheds Canada

Sustainable Eastern Ontario

Freshwater Partners Renfrew County Supporting Organizations:

Carson, Trout, Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association

Nature Conservancy Canada

Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre

Water Rangers

Renfrew County Stewardship Council

We have a Freshwaters Partners Facebook page to keep you abreast of our activities - please check it out, 'like' it and keep our activities coming to your Facebook newsfeed.

Freshwater Partners Renfrew County Briefings

Freshwater Partners Renfrew County have been briefing stakeholders and community members on our initiative. A copy of our power point presentation can be found here.

Freshwater Issues and the Federal Election

The federal elections take place this fall, with final voting on Oct 21, 2019. We have prepared a few freshwater related questions that we've posted here, that could be asked of your candidates to help gauge their commitment to freshwater resources in Renfrew County.

Freshwater Issues and the Municipal Election

The municipal elections took place in October of 2018. We prepared a few freshwater related questions that are posted here, that could be asked of your candidates to help gauge their commitment to freshwater resources in Renfrew County.

What You Can Do for Freshwater in Renfrew County

A Freshwater Partners Renfrew County publication that provides ideas for homeowners, cottager, farmers and municipalities for keeping and maintaining fresh water quality in Renfrew County. View or download here.

Renfrew County Freshwater Survey

Click here to see the results of a on-line survey that focused on freshwater issues in Renfrew County.

Watersheds of Renfrew County

There are so many watersheds in Renfrew County! Have you ever wondered which of the many you live, work or play in? Check out this fantastic map and see!

Thanks to the County of Renfrew for making this map available.

Freshwater Videos

Bonnechere Water Walk with the grade 3/4 class at Queen Elizabeth Public School in Renfrew. Included sharing about the Water Rangers Guardians water quality test kit with the students.

Measure to Manage: This video highlights community-based efforts to measure and enhance freshwater quality, stream condition, wildlife populations and wetlands.

Stewarding our Watershed: This video highlights conversations with environmental stewards of local waterways, farmland, wetlands and forests.

Engaging Youth: This video highlights outdoor environmental activities with youth living in the watershed.

Working Landscapes: This video highlights conversations with watershed residents about farming, wildlife management, forestry, hydroelectric/solar generation and eco-tourism.