Homescape Watershed

Post date: Mar 29, 2012 4:57:33 PM

Enjoy a break today, and take a listen to "Homescape Watershed", a song inspired by the beauty of the Bonnechere River watershed. Lyrics written by Cathy Morris, score by Jim Slavin and performed by Jim Slavin and Elizabeth Irwin.

Homescape Watershed Lyrics


It can be said - our home place.

The clouds, the hills? Our roof, our halls.

And simple truth of watershed -

Here all our water falls.

Rain soaks in field, in bush, in town.

The snowmelt fills up ditches.

Down moves the flow, the catch, the go,

The Bonnechere's wetsome riches.

We drink from Bonnechere Watershed.

It has ten thousand chores.

We work its branching watercourse -

Farms, factories, parks and stores.

In Watershed are schools and homes.

They work the Bonnechere, too.

The hunt-hike-fish, the boat-and-swim Want wet, all wild and true.

Our waste, our slag, this Watershed Could bring to bitter ends.

But we're smart, alert, we're mindful. We are Bonnechere's live-in friends.

Each one of us needs Watershed -

Loons, human, pike, and otters.

Yet you and I, we make the choice

For all life's sons and daughters.

We choose. Shall river chute be dammed?

Then ancient bed, now Hydro head?

Think long and well -- think next year's child. The choice is homescape. Watershed. Choose well for life, cast wide, go deep.

Each choice is home. We make this bed. Year in, year out the water falls.

We live here. Bonnechere Watershed.

Lyrics by: Cathy Morris