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Paddling the Bonnechere Journal – Ole Hendrickson

Upper Bonnechere Paddle Guide

A Driving Tour of the BRW- Part 1

A Driving Tour of the BRW – Part 2

Smith’s Creek Natural Area

AY Jackson Trail


Selected Slide of the Bonnechere River Watershed – Marc Hinton

Report on Bonnechere River Watershed Monitoring Efforts, 2010-2012- Sarah Anderson and Murray Richardson

Watershed Implications of a Changing Climate, Renfrew County Stewardship Forum, 2013 – Paul Lehman

Our Watershed Our Future in the Face of Climate Change, 2011- Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

BRWP Key Themes 2007-2013- Kathy Lindsay

Watershed Management

Working with the Algonquins of the Pikwakanagan First Nation- Kathy Lindsay

Native Riparian Plant Species- Amanda Brown

BRWP AGM Annual Report for 2013

Energy East Town Hall presentations:

REPORTS – RiverWatch and Related 

Geospatial Characterization of the Bonnechere Watershed – Alex MacIntosh

Watershed 101 – Understanding the Bonnechere River in a Drought Year – Will Millar

Bonnechere River watershed Water Quality: A guide to water quality monitoring along the Bonnechere River for use by rural and urban community groups – Holly Gardner

The BRWP RIverWatch Program: A retrospective synthesis of water chemistry along the Bonnechere River, 1999-2014- Paul O’Brien

The BRWP RiverWatch Program: Hurd’s Creek Catchment Report – Lisa Kelly

The RiverWatch Program Lakes Report for 2011 – Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

Smith’s Creek Water Quality 2003-2008

The BRWP RiverWatch Program: Smith’s Creek Catchment Report 2013 – Lisa Kelly

A RiverWatch Program Report for 2011: A comparison of the Vernier and Sonde water quality probes, June 2012 - Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

The Bonnechere River Watershed Stream Monitoring 2011 – Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

Report on Water Chemistry Monitoring of Tributaries in the Bonnechere Rive Wateshed, March 2011- Dr. Murray Richardson

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2010

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2010: Executive Summary

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2011 

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2014

Know Your Reach : A Needs Assessment for the Bonnechere River Watershed Project Website – Daniel Buckles

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority's Report on Climate Change Implications for Small Waterpower Facilities – A Watershed Perspective

The Harris Creek Catchment Report

REPORTS- Governance Related

Synopsis of Climate Change Effects on Reservoir Operation Policies in the Mississippi River Watershed, 2013 –Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

Renfrew County Stewardship Forum 2013 Fostering Shoreline Conservation Report

Renfrew County Stewardship Forum 2012 Fostering Adaptive Collaboration Report and Presentations

A Comparative Report of Conservation Authorities and Grassroots Watershed Management Approaches in Ontario, 2012 – Emily Smits, Lauren Radford, Kaitlyn Montroy, Christopher Mariano

Primer on Conservation Authorities in Ontario- Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

Waterlution 2011

Assessing Ecosystem Service Governance: Interactions among actors in a rural watershed in eastern Ontario – Allyson Quinlan

Community Engagement Series Report 2011- Allyson Quinlan, Dr. Kathryn Lindsay
Sustainability Network: 2011 Environment and Diversity Mini Grant Final Report

Our Watershed Our Future: The Art and The Science Communities Key Messages - Forum April 2011

BRWP Submission to MNR re: EBR 012-0562 Technical Bulletin

LOW and ORK Submission to MNR re: EBR 012-0562 Technical Bulletin

ORA MNR Submission

Renfrew County Stewardship Forum 2015:
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