NYN Guide – Print Version

NYN Guide – On line Version

Paddling the Bonnechere Journal – Ole Hendrickson

Upper Bonnechere Paddle Guide

A Driving Tour of the BRW- Part 1

A Driving Tour of the BRW – Part 2

Smith’s Creek Natural Area

AY Jackson Trail


Selected Slide of the Bonnechere River Watershed – Marc Hinton

Report on Bonnechere River Watershed Monitoring Efforts, 2010-2012- Sarah Anderson and Murray Richardson

Watershed Implications of a Changing Climate, Renfrew County Stewardship Forum, 2013 – Paul Lehman

Our Watershed Our Future in the Face of Climate Change, 2011- Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

BRWP Key Themes 2007-2013- Kathy Lindsay

Watershed Management

Working with the Algonquins of the Pikwakanagan First Nation- Kathy Lindsay

Native Riparian Plant Species- Amanda Brown 

Energy East Town Hall presentations:

REPORTS – RiverWatch and Related 

Geospatial Characterization of the Bonnechere Watershed – Alex MacIntosh

Watershed 101 – Understanding the Bonnechere River in a Drought Year – Will Millar

Bonnechere River watershed Water Quality: A guide to water quality monitoring along the Bonnechere River for use by rural and urban community groups – Holly Gardner

The BRWP RIverWatch Program: A retrospective synthesis of water chemistry along the Bonnechere River, 1999-2014- Paul O’Brien

The BRWP RiverWatch Program: Hurd’s Creek Catchment Report – Lisa Kelly

The RiverWatch Program Lakes Report for 2011 – Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

Smith’s Creek Water Quality 2003-2008

The BRWP RiverWatch Program: Smith’s Creek Catchment Report 2013 – Lisa Kelly

A RiverWatch Program Report for 2011: A comparison of the Vernier and Sonde water quality probes, June 2012 - Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

The Bonnechere River Watershed Stream Monitoring 2011 – Sarah Anderson and Dr. Murray Richardson

Report on Water Chemistry Monitoring of Tributaries in the Bonnechere Rive Wateshed, March 2011- Dr. Murray Richardson

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2010

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2010: Executive Summary

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2011 

The BRWP RiverWatch Report 2014

Know Your Reach : A Needs Assessment for the Bonnechere River Watershed Project Website – Daniel Buckles

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority's Report on Climate Change Implications for Small Waterpower Facilities – A Watershed Perspective

REPORTS- Governance Related

Synopsis of Climate Change Effects on Reservoir Operation Policies in the Mississippi River Watershed, 2013 –Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

A Comparative Report of Conservation Authorities and Grassroots Watershed Management Approaches in Ontario, 2012 – Emily Smits, Lauren Radford, Kaitlyn Montroy, Christopher Mariano

Primer on Conservation Authorities in Ontario- Dr. Kathryn Lindsay

Waterlution 2011

Assessing Ecosystem Service Governance: Interactions among actors in a rural watershed in eastern Ontario – Allyson Quinlan

Community Engagement Series Report 2011- Allyson Quinlan, Dr. Kathryn Lindsay
Sustainability Network: 2011 Environment and Diversity Mini Grant Final Report

Our Watershed Our Future: The Art and The Science Communities Key Messages - Forum April 2011

BRWP Submission to MNR re: EBR 012-0562 Technical Bulletin

LOW and ORK Submission to MNR re: EBR 012-0562 Technical Bulletin

ORA MNR Submission

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