Report- Climate Change Implications for Small Water Power Facilities

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The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has just recently released the report “Climate Change Implications for Small Waterpower Facilities – A Watershed Perspective” (…/Climate-Change-Implications-for-Small-Wa…) based on a technical study supported by Natural Resources Canada and the Bonnechere River Watershed Project (BRWP).

The study provides technical methodologies for developing localized climate projections (2011-2100) and water budget projections for both the Mississippi and Rideau watersheds. The results indicate that relative to the baseline period (1971-2000), runoff patterns and stream flow characteristics will likely be altered significantly, resulting in incompatibility with existing reservoir operating regimes for the Mississippi River [and similar managed river systems in eastern Ontario such as the Rideau and Bonnechere], in turn resulting in increasing difficulty to meet current water management objectives.

As water managers attempt to reach a successful balance between the competing interests of multiple users it will be important to understand the uncertainties and extremes in weather which are projected for the future and the extent to which runoff patterns will change on a daily, seasonal, and annual basis which ultimately may influence water management decisions in these and other similar watersheds in the region.

BRWP AGM - May 4, 2016 - Well attended

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The Bonnechere River Watershed Project 16th annual AGM was held in Renfrew at the NHA/NHL Museum on May 4, 2016. It was well attended by members, advisors and supporters. 

The AGM Agenda and last year's AGM minutes are attached below.

Celebrate Our Rivers 2016

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It's never too early to plan your summer paddles! The BRWP is once again partnering with numerous organizations this summer to bring you another great season of group paddles. Take a look at our poster, and plan some time on our rivers this summer!

Stewardship Forum - Towards Watershed Planning

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The Bonnechere River Watershed Project is partnering with the Ottawa River Institute and Sustainable Eastern Ontario to bring the 4th Annual Renfrew County Stewardship Forum to Pembroke on Monday November 30, 2015 at the Best Western Hotel in Pembroke. Click here to see the agenda and to register.
This year's Forum theme is - Towards Watershed Planning
The Renfrew County Stewardship Forum is about connecting people and organizations with a strong sense of place and future possibilities. The Forum is needed because tackling our environmental, social and economic challenges requires collaborative action among a diversity of people and organizations with strong convictions and the courage to act on them. To be effective will require adopting innovative partnerships and approaches.

The forum aims to foster intense interaction, networking and information exchange to explore how to inform people about what’s happening to our communities and environment in a way that they can relate to, understand and take action. Now is the time. Together we can shape our future to sustain our collective values and communities.

Fantastic Group Paddles This Summer

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The BRWP is partnering to bring a great listing of six group paddles this summer. Explore some wonderful stretches of the Bonnechere, Ottawa and Madawaska Rivers! See the list or poster for registration details.
See the list here. Or on the poster below.

Upcoming Paddle Events June 5 and 6

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Kick off the summer paddle season this weekend in Eganville, with two events. The Bill Mason Film Fest begins at 6:30pm at the Eagles Nest at the Eganville arena, on Friday June 5th. Follow that up the next morning with a Celebrate Our River Paddle from Wilber Lake to Eganville. To register for this paddle on June 6th, see
More details in the attached posters. Hope to see you there!

BRWP 15th Annual General Meeting

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The Bonnechere River Watershed Project (BRWP) held its 15th annual general meeting on Wednesday evening, April 22, at the NHA/NHL Museum in Renfrew with 15 people in attendance (photo attached). A power point presentation by the current chair, Kathy Lindsay, outlined the BRWP activities of 2014-15 including the renewal of the BRWP Strategic Plan for 2014-19, and some activities for 2015 including the Celebrate Our River series of paddle excursions which begin June 5-6 in Eganville and will include a new section of the Bonnechere between Round Lake and Golden Lake (details at The 2015-16 BRWP Board is: Kathy Lindsay (chair), John Almsted, Joscelyn Coolican, Jim Miller and David Brown (Directors). Doug Fraser will remain as Treasurer assisted by Christine O’Reilly. Cheryl Keetch will continue as the BRWP Co-ordinator (part-time). Advisors to the board include Ole Hendrickson (Ottawa River Institute), Duncan Noble (Valley Climate Circle) and liaisons from local municipalities. BRWP Director and guest speaker, Jim Miller, spoke about his background and his interest in the water quality of the Bonnechere River which stimulated a lively discussion among attendees around water quality and other local issues.

Back row L-R: Don Eady (Mayor, Town of Renfrew), Chris Hinsperger (Bonnechere Caves), Doug Fraser (BRWP Treasurer), Jim Miller (BRWP Director), Dave Brown (BRWP Director; Tsp. Horton), Bob Hall (Councillor, Tsp. Admaston-Bromley), John Almstedt (BRWP Director)
Front row L-R: Ann Kathleen McLaughlin, Adele Boire, Mike Boire, Christine O’Reilly (BRWP Assistant Treasurer), Kathy Lindsay (BRWP chair), Bob Peltzer (Councillor, Tsp. Bonnechere Valley)

BRWP and Great Lakes Protection Alliance

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The BRWP (along with 28 other environmental organizations) has endorsed the comments submitted to the province on the Great Lakes Protection Act (Bill 66) from the Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance (consisting of Ecojustice, Ducks Unlimited, Nature Canada, Sierra Club, Canadian Environmental Law Association, and Environmental Defence) under EBR Number: 012-3523 (pdf copy below). The Alliance is supportive of Bill 66 and has been engaged in all consultations that have been conducted regarding prior versions of the proposed legislation (specifically, Bill 100 introduced June 2012 and Bill 6 introduced February 2013) that died on the order paper. The Alliance believes that the proposed legislation introduces important new legal and policy tools to help safeguard, restore and protect Ontario’s portion of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin. The Basin includes the Ontario portion of the Ottawa River watershed which includes the Bonnechere Valley along with all of the other watersheds in Renfrew County.

BRWP Annual General Meeting -April 22, 2015

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The Bonnechere River Watershed Project's 15th AGM is being held on Wednesday April 22, 2015 from 7-9 p.m. at the NHA/NHL Museum, 249 Raglan Street, Renfrew (2nd floor of the Post Office building). Guest speaker will be Jim Miller, on “Remember when we could swim in the river …”. Open to all. Light refreshments. Memberships and donations for BRWP programs welcome.

Local Study Looks at Changing Water Resources

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Local Study Looks at Changing Water Resources in the Mississippi-Rideau Region

A ground-breaking scientific report assessing how rivers, lakes and wetlands in the Mississippi and Rideau watersheds may be affected by climate change has been completed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) and the Mississippi and Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities (MVCA and RVCA).

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